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Hello my name is Tasha,

From a young age I have always heard the call to help people. While I always felt drawn to the health field, it is no surprise I found myself practicing as a nurse for over 8 years. Over that time I found myself pulling back from the traditional form of symptom management our health care system revolves around and looking into more natural and holistic approaches.

Now as a Level 3 advanced arts Reiki Practitioner and meditative sound facilitator exploring my own energy healing modalities. I am passionately pursuing the redirection of the health care to a wellness care approach. By mixing a more holistic approach based more in the roots of body, mind, and spirit with the compliments of modern medicine. I offer a unique perspective on healing & wellness as a sound healer, energy channel, and nurse studying the field of medical intuition.

I work mainly with the emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies to provide a comprehensive more rounded approach to healing.

I help people to understand that self healing is an ability we are all born with and that we can shift the way we see 'health care' by focusing on the root cause of the di-ease built up in the system rather than just the mere management of symptoms. 

You can trust that I will provide a one-of-a-kind experience that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and balanced. 

Shifting the perspective from 'health care' to 'wellness aware'.

On the side I am passionately calling in a wide range of alternative, holistic and wellness practitioners to strengthen the voice and broaden the reach of these truly magical individuals. By building a directory of practitioners that is easily accessible, my hopes is to fan the flame of curiosity within our communities. If you would like more information please visit the Networking tab.


“Having a Reiki session with Tasha was a truly magical experience. Her hands and presence feel so grounding. Her session allowed me to connect with myself. An experience I will never forget ”

Sandy P.

Studying at Home
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