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Building CommUnity

Creating a sense of community has always been important to me. I've always liked using networks to
find others who share my interests. This collection is the start of a dream network that I am relentlessly
working to expand. 

Upholding the Vision: 
The Opal Aura Wellness Community is a movement of empowerment and connection through
networking. By uniting holistic practitioners in one location, OA Wellness Community hopes to increase their
visibility and reach. My goal in creating a directory categorized by city and spectrum modality is to help
pique the interest of potential customers and clients. With a pool of practitioners, educators/coaches,
healers, venues, and resources, I hope to increase the frequency of the ever-expanding holistic pathway
that an increasing number of people are returning to. 
I propose a shift from 'Health care' to 'Wellness aware' .
This shift does not imply that the
medical system should be abandoned; quite the opposite. The development of medical technology has
been crucial to human longevity as well as history. That being said, the health care system was initially
intended to support you in resolving issues that arose from challenges to your wellness practices. Its intention was to support you and your family when crisis hit or extended management was needed.
Instead, we have come to rely on the healthcare system to manage our symptoms or provide a quick fix
in todays hectic culture. Rather than helping to find the root problem of the dis-ease within the body.
Is it sustainable to disregard self-care and to display stress and worry as a
badge of honor? And what does this teach the next generation about the significance of our well-being
as a whole?
There is compelling evidence that the quality of care has been declining, pushing front-line
healthcare staff members to the verge of early retirement and burnout. 
Its time for us to once again take charge of our wellbeing. Challenge the big pharmaceutical firms
methods and challenge the narrative.

Wellness Aware activities need to be reintegrated into our daily lives and households and communities.
We can gradually build a network that can compete with the healthcare sector by connecting more openly and
events that appeal to the inquisitive minds within the communities. The directory is only the beginning.
Our objective of bringing about genuine change in the world of vitality will accelerate if we can expand
the number of practitioners, educators, healers, and facilitators of diverse modalities. 
If this resonates with you, submit your Practice (Business) here to become a part of the movement.
Having your name on our list would be an honor for me. This is our zone of genius and our communities. Lets once again assume responsibility for it. 

Sincerely your curator, Tasha

Join the Movement

Shifting 'Health Care' to 'Wellnss Aware'

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