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Your Environment is the canvas of healing

Creating a therapeutic environment is crucial for healing appointments. The right environment can help you connect with yourself and your therapist, without any distractions or negative stimuli. As a professional, my priority is to provide you with a space that promotes relaxation, comfort, and safety. Setting the intention for each appointment to embrace the therapeutic cocoon of your surroundings, for within its folds, the alchemy of healing begins.

Let's explore the different types of environments that can enhance your healing experience.

Reflection Creek Ranch

This beautiful Ranch nestled in the foothills of Princeton holds a spectacular magic for healing and growth. Described as the container for unraveling, putting an enfaces on the present moment. 

From spring to fall this setting amplifies all healing intention with the added potency of what nature has to offer.

* This site is available for bookings from April-September

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Sagebrush Physio is a well-established place of health, nestled in the heart of Princeton, B.C. 

This clinical building offers bookings for both Reiki & Reiki and sound appointments. This space offers a clinical room with a massage table with your comfort as its main priority.

* Year round bookings

The Dojo

Livinit, Princeton B.C.

This rustic lodge located on the outskirts of the town of Princeton is where the meditation magic happens. 

With stunning views and a private spacious space to get comfortable and turn inward. Both group meditation as well as group Sound baths & Ceremony are hosted in this facility cozy building overlooking the mountains

* Year-round bookings and events hosted here


Your Home

Sometimes the best place to unwind and receive a healing experience is the comfort of your own home. Reiki and energy healings are available for booking within your own home. Tasha can come to you with message table and any other tools that may be needed for your personalized appointment. 

This is also the most comfortable space for any appointments that can be made for your pets. 

* Travel fees may be added

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